4 Ways to Spend Time Alone

Spending time alone is vital to our emotional and physical well being. Allowing yourself some time alone can help you de-stress and recharge. For some of us, parents especially, getting time alone can be difficult, so you may have to schedule it. Below are some of my favorite ways to spend time alone. 

Get Lost

Try going for a long drive, or a walk and get a little lost. Explore new places in your community, new towns, or just a new store. Go somewhere that is unknown or out of your comfort zone. Take a nature walk on a different path than you would normally take. The combination of fresh air and sunlight is not only relaxing but a good source of vitamin D and a great way to get your steps in.


Easier said than done, I know. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the next task, that we forget to enjoy “the now.” One of my favorite ways to relax is by taking a bath or hopping in the jacuzzi. Combine that with the calming scent of a lavender candle, and boom, relaxation central. Scheduling yourself for a quick massage or pedicure are also great ways to relax if you have the time. But if time doesn’t permit, just taking 10 minutes to sip a cup of tea in silence will do the trick too.


I know this sounds crazy, a health coach telling you to binge, but hear me out. It’s ok to binge on Netflix every once in a while. Spend an entire evening catching up on Game of Thrones, it won’t hurt anyone. Sometimes, sitting on the couch and watching an entire series, is the best medicine.

Get Creative

Creativity isn’t something you either have, or you don’t. It’s something we’re all born with. Finding ways to boost that creativity can be difficult, but I’ve found a few activities that work. Get creative by writing, there are plenty of creative writing prompts online that can help you write anything from poems to short stories. Another way I like to get creative is by going to museums. Looking at artwork or even historical exhibits can get us thinking in ways that, sitting at a computer or watching a movie just don’t do. If neither of those sound appealing, try an adult coloring book. Research shows that drawing or coloring, also known as art therapy, often has tangible results that significantly decrease symptoms of physical and emotional stress.