10 Pathways to Self Love



1.       Write a list of 10 things you love about yourself.

-          It could be anything. You could write that you love your hair color or your smile, you like how compassionate you are. Sometimes we get caught up in criticizing ourselves for all we want to be and forget to remind ourselves of how great we already are.


2.       Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.

-          You don’t have to go spending exuberant amounts of money on bouquets for yourself every week. Sometimes, showing yourself love through small gifts can make our day a little brighter.

3.       Have a pamper session and treat yourself to a mani/pedi or massage.

4.       Take a long relaxing bubble bath.

-          It doesn’t have to be confined to a bath tub, take a long hot shower or hop in the hot tub. Take time to relax and enjoy the quiet warmth.

5.       Nourish your body with a healthy home cooked meal.


6.       Anytime you have a negative thought about yourself, counteract it with a positive one.

-          This has been transformative for me. Anytime I have a negative thought, I immediately say something nice about myself. I can do this out loud or in my mind, regardless it helps balance out the negativity.

7.       Create loving positive affirmations for yourself.

-          Try this one: I am enough

8.       Unplug from social media for a whole day.

-          Social media often reiterates thoughts of comparison that aren’t good for our mental health. Take a day off, you’ll be glad you did.


9.       Learn a new skill.

-          You don’t have to become an expert at anything, but just try something new. Take up painting, gardening, or get really wild and learn to ride a motorcycle!

10.   Create a vision board for your dreams.