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Benefits of the Hygge Lifestyle

With fall quickly approaching, some people are sad to say goodbye to the sunshine and margaritas, and others can’t wait to curl up by a cozy fire and sip cocoa. Sure the desire to get cozy is usually caused by the colder weather, but practicing the art of being cozy year round, could benefit you immensely. This “art of being cozy” is known as hygge. Hygge is a Danish word, pronounced ‘hooga’, that refers to a state of coziness and a feeling of togetherness. Hygge is the mindset of living extraordinarily in the present. This kind of mindful behavior is not only good for your mental health, but your physical health as well. Some physical benefits of the hygge lifestyle include; weight regulation, improved sleep, and reduced need for unhealthy coping behaviors like drugs and alcohol. Like most mindful behaviors, hygge benefits you emotionally by reducing depression, stress, and anxiety.

Ways to Incorporate Hygge in Your Life

Light a candle

o Turn down the lights, and light a candle, create a warm and soothing ambience in your home.

Make a comforting meal

o Pick your comfort food and make a habit of having it once a week. Or try a new recipe for a stew or roast.

Warm beverages

o Pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on a pot of tea, or try some warm water with lemon.

Get Outside

o Go for a hike, take a bike ride to the beach or park, spend time outside and connecting with nature.

Wear comfy clothing

o Yes, we are giving you an excuse to wear sweatpants, yoga pants, or pajamas. Feeling comfortable in your clothing is another part of the process.


o You can’t relax in places that are overwhelming. Strip the excess items from your home and create a more inviting space.


o Give yourself a break from technology, whether you do it in the morning or right before bed. Take an hour to give yourself a break from your phone, your computer, all screens and electronics.

Cuddle under blankets

o Texture is a big part of hygge. Surround yourself with soft items like throw blankets, fluffy pillows, and comfy furniture.

So grab a book, a blanket, and a cup of tea, and see how practicing the hygge lifestyle benefits you. Feel free to share with us your favorite ways to achieve coziness!

How To Take Back Your Life

Human nature instills in us a desire to be liked and accepted, but the pursuit of this will kill you. Good news is, you can make a conscious effort to stop giving a crap. With social media constantly shoving images in front of us, showing us what we "need" to be happy, it is more important than ever to put this in to practice. Why spend a lifetime chasing after a mirage, when you can be happy now? Now, you won’t stop giving a crap overnight, it takes a while to train your brain to do this. However, once you do I can promise you, you will feel a ton better. 

Comparison Will Kill You

You will continue to feel unworthy, unimportant, and unfulfilled the more you desire what others have. This is called the comparison game, and here's a secret: you'll lose this game every time you play it. We spend so much time comparing, that we find we are not doing. Social media is the biggest contributor to this. How many times have you gotten lost on Instagram, scrolling through photos of vacation destinations you are dying to visit, or fitness models whose bodies you would kill to have? This is an example of time you have wasted on comparing instead of living. Congrats you have lost the game. 

Play On Your Strengths

Now, we want you to be a winner, so here is our biggest tip. Be strong. We all have our faults, or weaknesses, and we may never overcome them, but we can always play on our strengths to win the game. Recognize your unique abilities and work at them daily, like a muscle they require constant training and exercise. If you are a creative type who is lousy with their finances, focus your energy on perfecting your art and creative skills, and hire an accountant. Don't waste time trying to be perfect at everything and focus on perfecting the skills you already have. 

"Greatness is merely an illusion in our minds, a made-up destination that we obligate ourselves to pursue, our own psychological Atlantis." - Mark Hanson


From this point on, the only thing holding you back are your thoughts. Once you gain control of your thoughts, you free yourself from negativity and open yourself up to happiness. So make smart choices! Stop scrolling through social media, staring at a life you'll never have, and start living the beautiful life you were meant to live. Choose to play on your strengths and think positively about yourself. Live your life to the fullest, and most importantly, don't give a crap!