I knew 2018 was going to be a good year, but I could not have imagined a start like this! My eating was virtually non-existent. Bread, peanut butter, coke, juices, cereal, eggs, cheese - RUBBISH! I knew it was unhealthy, I was just not motivated to change. My social life and business were not where they could be, due to lack of focus! 

Ingrid came along at the right time, asked me to join her journey of self-discovery and accountability, as well as a healthier more balanced way of eating. 

Ingrid has guided me through this process, asking the right questions, making ME accountable for ME and MY mistakes, as those are MY life lessons. 

I am 6 weeks in and by cleaning up bad habits, I feel energized and renewed. Ingrid checks in to see how I am managing, if I have any questions, or if I felt any cravings etc. I am grateful to have her in my corner. 

Get on board! This is the year of change AND Ingrid has the tools and the know how to get you going. 

Thank you Ingrid, you are better than the best! 



Ingrid was by far the best trainer I have had. She provided a program I could follow and it actually worked! Ingrid was very realistic and warned me about the lovely things I have to look forward to in my 40s (not fun). I can't thank her enough for all that she has done and for keeping us ladies in shape. 



I am eighty years old, and I surf three to four days a week, all year long.  Several months ago, I suffered a “massive” rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder.  And following a thorough examination, my shoulder doc told me it was  not repairable surgically.  That’s when Ingrid and I went to work.  The idea was to strengthen all the muscles around the tear to compensate for the fact that the shoulder tendons were gone.  Ingrid took a measured approach to the problem.  She continually tested my strength and my endurance, without ever going too far and without ever risking further injury.  We worked twice weekly on my entire body, arms, legs, abs,  but always kept our primary focus on the shoulder.


It worked.  After three months of intensive training, I was back in the water, back in the surf.  I’m surfing again, free of pain.



I am 72 years old and have worked with Ingrid for nearly four years. During the first year, I trained with her twice a week and with her advice and knowledge, I lost 20 pounds and have maintained that weight loss. Three years ago I had a knee replacement. Three days after the operation, I was back to walking my dog. There is no way I could have done that without all the work she did with me to ensure my leg muscles were strong. 



I walked into the gym and I said "I need the meanest trainer you have," because I'll talk my way out of doing any workout in there, and I found her! Ingrid! I love that she has a good spirit and makes sure that I get the job done and don't try to cheat. I have seen my body go through some great transformations and the new muscles that are popping out! I love Ingrid, she's awesome, give her a try! 



I was always fit until I got injured. Then I gained 40 lbs and lost a part of my identity; I lost the athlete. Ingrid coached me back to fit and restored both my physical strength and my confidence. She encouraged me and brought my muscles back.